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Each one is like a cup of fine tea: must be savored slowly. The volume is full of beautiful/powerful images (e.g. squid being lured to their deaths by a beautiful light-show). Some of the poems are extremely personal, some extremely poignant. They are a reflection of life, love, introspection, experience.

Gregory C. Richter
Professor of Linguistics
Truman State University
Kirksville, Missouri

Three Steps backward from Planet Earth book

Back cover of Three Steps Backward book


Three Steps Backward from Planet Earth is a collection of poetry that explores what is seen, felt or understood when viewed from a distance - by miles or time

"Three Steps Backward from Planet Earth" Book

Poetry book in Russian


Fleetingness - consists of twenty-one poems translated from English to Russian by a group of poets from St. Petersburg, Russia. The choice of an image of the Northern Lights as the cover does well to illustrate the general theme of transience. Not available in the United States.